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We have a wide variety of food options to complement your event theme or venue.

Our range covers many of the major brand name favourites as well as our own brand Foodies & Co specialities offering quality food and drinks for all tastes.

If we haven’t listed the type of food that you want, please ask – we are always ready for a new challenge.

Our Food outlets

Foodies & Co Traditional Fish & Chips – An Irish classic for a reason. A hearty and delicious meal bursting with flavour that both adults and kids can enjoy.

Foodies & Co Moo Moo Burgers – If you are in the moo-d for a gourmet burger, then Moo Moo’s Burgers is the place to go. The Moo features a variety of cooked-to-order juicy burgers on a variety of buns.

Foodies & Co Peking – Asian classics from China, Thailand & Japan infused with exciting flavours from the regions ‘street food’ culture. Restaurant quality at affordable prices.

Foodies & Co Sizzle BBQ – Nothing beats the smell of BBQ, especially in warmer weather. Fortunately, we have you covered with a range of delectable, mouth-watering meals for those who love their burgers and grilled meats.

Foodies & Co Irish Gourmet Burger – A Foodies & Co own brand experience combining only the best Irish ingredients and our own special recipe. Try one of our burgers and you’ll be hooked.

Foodies & Co Chick King – Chick King is a chain of fast-food restaurants with a wonderfully varied menu of breaded and fried chicken dishes, wraps, sandwiches, and Mexican-style variants.

Foodies & Co Hot Dogs – The ultimate convenience food for when you want something quick, easy and most importantly tasty.


Foodies – Other Food Outlets


Eddie Rocket’s - American 1920s’ diner style food, milkshakes and everything in between. In one of our Foodies & Co mobile catering units you can try one of their delicious burgers that are made from 100% Irish beef or one of the many other options we have to offer.

shakes shop

Shake Shop - There’s nothing quite like a cool frothy milkshake on a hot summer’s day - refreshing and energising to give kids of all ages a treat. Think of a flavour combination and our Foodies & Co shake blending experts will whip it up for you.


Smash - Smash is all about American style Smash Burgers, Crinkle Cut Fries, Sundaes and Shakes. Quick and tasty takeout. Your go-to for on-the-go eating. We may be small in stature but we’re BIG on flavour!.


O'Briens Sandwich Bar - O’Briens reputation has been shaped by their famous made-to-order sandwiches. Their extensive range is nutritious, convenient and includes signature salads and wraps, seasonal soup, barista coffee, speciality tea and more.


Insomnia - Great coffee, without the fuss. We serve Fairtrade coffee using a handcrafted technique in every single cup. The food you enjoy in Insomnia has also been specially sourced from local producers so you can enjoy the same high level of quality and freshness, no matter what.


Bagel Factory - All natural bagels, served up in a variety of flavours that are low in fat, salt and cholesterol. In addition to our filled bagels, Bagel Factory offers freshly roasted coffee, a range of zesty juices, soups, cakes and delicious muffins.


ABRAKEBABRA - Famous for their range of incredible kebabs, juicy burgers, original loaded fries, delicious baguettes, Magic Bites and more.

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Great Food On The Go

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Our event catering units include Eddie Rocket’s, O’Briens Sandwich Bar, Insomnia, Traditional Fish & Chips, Shakes Shop, Moo Moo Burgers, Mobile Eddie Rocket’s, Crepe de France, Peking, Eddie Rocket’s – Shake Shop, Sizzle BBQ, Bagel Factory, Irish Gourmet Burger, Chick King, ABRAKEBABRA, Hot Dogs.