Crowd enjoying a festival.

Festival Food to Fuel Your Fun

The festival season is in full swing with Ireland’s biggest music festival, Electric Picnic kicking off on Friday 2nd September.

Having the craic with friends, discovering new bands you’ve never heard before or seeing your idols in the flesh – it’s all part of the music festival buzz. 

Preparation is the key to ensure it is a truly memorable experience. After all, you are outside for long periods of time in an Irish climate, so it is always advisable to prepare for the worst.  The team at Foodies and Co know all about attending events – whether it be the Ideal Home Show at the RDS, hosting world-famous rock bands at Dublin’s Marlay Park, or celebrating the national ploughing championships in Co. Laois – we’ve seen it all!

We’ve put together some tips for surviving festivals, so, if you’re camping overnight or a day-goer, here are some of our best recommendations.

Pack light

Travel light. Carrying around a lot of stuff for a long period of time can get annoying. Ideally, one small backpack should be enough for you to focus on the essentials, e.g. wallet, phone, tickets, water bottle, charger pack, blanket, plasters, wipes. A bigger bag means more space, and will encourage you to pack more items, not all of which will be relevant, or even used. Less is more, and many items can be bought at the festival if needed.

Think Bigger when it comes to Tent sizes

The heat captured in a tent can be intense so make sure you have enough space. Practice putting up the tent at home so you have some idea of how to approach it when you arrive at the campsite. 

Go hands free

Avoid keeping anything of value in your pockets. Keep your essential items – cash, phone and whatever other valuables, in a shoulder or waist bag and become hands free. Having your important items on your person means that you won’t need to worry about their safety. Working hands-free also gives you the edge over others, knowing that while your important possessions are nearby, your hands are free to hold that burger or beer!

Bring your own water bottle

If you don’t want to wait in line or pay for water at your next festival then bringing your own bottle (BYOB) is essential. Many events and festivals also have hydration stations where you can top up and stay hydrated at no cost. It is important to plan ahead and check what facilities are available. Many of these stations are eco-friendly and encourage sustainability practices like reusing your bottles. Win-win situation.

Eat small amounts regularly

Planning your food is an important consideration especially if you intend to play the long game at a music festival. Stamina is the name of the game when it comes to surviving a festival so fuel your body to fuel your fun and eat small amounts often so that you maintain your energy levels.

The team at Foodies will be in attendance for Electric Picnic, so be sure to pop along to one of our catering units and say hi!

Check out what’s on offer before you go

Nowadays, the variety of food options at festivals will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.  If you have special dietary requirements, check out the food options at the event in advance so you know your needs will be catered for. At Foodies and Co we post to our Facebook and Instagram pages ahead of the event to let you know which of our wide range of mobile food units will be on site. Follow our social channels in our footer. 

Foodies and Co by Farrell Catering are committed to providing quality food at affordable prices and an experience that will enhance the energy and mood of the festival.

Is it a queue or a meeting place?

There’s no escaping large crowds and long queues at festivals. However, if you choose your favourite Foodies & Co mobile food unit as your dedicated meeting spot to reunite with your friends there will nearly always be someone at the front of the queue! If you get separated from friends, this is your go to place to find each other, while waiting in line. 

Be prepared for the weather

Even if you check the weather forecast in advance and it says it’s not going to rain, always be prepared. A rain poncho is an extremely good idea with a few layers underneath. If there’s even a slight chance the weather could turn, bring the appropriate supplies. You don’t want to be wet and cold waiting for the sun to come out to dry your clothes!

Sometimes festival fashion goes out the window and you just have to be practical about things. Going to a music festival means lots of walking, standing, and people stepping on your toes so sturdy boots or shoes are really a must. The more comfortable you are, the longer you’ll endure the tricky conditions. 

On the flip side to this, pack some sun protection as sometimes the weather can cooperate and surprise us all. Sunglasses tend to be a trend at festivals regardless of the weather so it’s always a good idea to bring a pair or two. And if the sun is out, your rain jacket is a perfect layer on which to lie back and relax.

In adverse conditions, know where you can get hot soup to warm you up or when the temperature soars, check out where the Ice Cream van is for a soothing ice pop to cool you down. 

Remember to get some sleep

A good sleeping bag and a ground mat can make all the difference to getting a decent night’s sleep. Think of these items as investments rather than unnecessary splurges. Earplugs at festivals perform two functions – they’ll help you sleep if it’s noisy around the campsite at night, and also protect your ears from the loud music during the day.

Nobody wants to miss out on a single minute of festival fun. Make sure to stock up on snacks before going back to your tent – your poor feet have done enough walking.

Watch out for our Food and Drink units at events at Electric Picnic in Co. Laois this coming weekend!